Monday, July 29, 2013

Blogging, Leggings, and Energy Drinks

Today I received a new pair of leggings from I redeemed it from the rewards program a few days back, (if you wish to buy it from the original site, Felt soft, would be a way to describe the fabric as it forms perfectly around my body. Despite it's comfort, there's one major problem. After washing it, I pulled it out and immediately noticed how bad it got. Some of the back stiching around the waist came out, a little of the coloring leaking onto the lower part of the leggings, and there now is white strech marks all around. Luckily, the strech marks are small and only noticable up close. I would recommened getting this if you are a master with legging care but if you're new like me, BE GENTLE. I cannot stress that enough. Hopefully, you enjoyed my first blog while I'm amped up on energy drinks.

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